Sun Room vs. Screened Porch: Which Is Right for You?

As the trend towards creating comfortable outdoor living spaces continues to grow, the popularity of enclosed spaces like sun rooms and screen rooms has increased. These options allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors with more comfort and protection from weather conditions such as heat, humidity, extreme temperatures, and insects.

Choosing between sun room vs. screened porch often comes down to several factors that homeowners must consider. In this blog post, we will explore these factors and help you make an informed decision for your home.

1. Consider the Location

The climate in your area plays a significant role in determining whether you should choose a sun room or a screen room. Screened porches are suitable for mild winter regions, while sun rooms are ideal for harsh winters.

While screened porches offer enough shelter for fall and spring, they are not typically usable during cold winters. Consider your region’s applicable season and suitable climate when choosing between a sun room and a screened porch.

2. The Goal of the Space

When choosing between a sun room and a screened porch, an essential factor is how you plan to use the space. A screened porch may suffice if you are looking for a shaded outdoor space to spend time with family and friends during the summer, fall, and spring. Screen rooms do not control temperature very well, but adding ceiling fans or small electric space heaters can make for a comfortable experience.

A sun room is a better option if you aim to keep houseplants and create a comfortable space during winter. With more insulation, temperature control, and ample natural light, sun rooms provide the ideal space to enjoy the outdoors, even in harsh winter conditions.

3. Return on Investment

When considering the cost of adding a sun room or screened porch to your home, remember to weigh the feature’s value with how often you plan to use it. If you plan to include the sun room in the square footage of your home, the value of your property could appreciate significantly.

However, if a sun room is not a highly sought-after feature in your area, choosing a screen room, which is far less expensive, could be the better financial decision. Similarly, if you do not use the space frequently enough, the premium cost of a sun room may not be worth the investment.

Consult With a Home Addition Expert!

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